Camera And Lens Repair

Most problems with cameras on smartphones involve picture quality. The quality of the picture is affected primarily by the lens, so caring for your glass should be a top priority if you are an avid smartphone camera clicker. Because the size of the lens is so tiny (around 2mm), any scratch or blemish of any size will cause noticeable smudges, dots or lines in your pictures and videos.

Mobile Phone Speaker Repairs

Losing your phone’s internal speaker can be a critical issue for some cell phone users.

We can diagnose your phone’s internal speaker and repair or replace as necessary to return your phone’s hands-free calling to its original quality and clarity.

Headphone Port Repair

Headphone Port / Charging Port Repair –

 Is the sound in your headphones scratchy, intermittently dropping out, or only in one ear? Did you plug in your phone at night only to find it didn’t charge all night? We can fix port problems with your cell phone.

Home Button Replacement 

Home Button/Power Button Replacement 

Because the HOME and POWER buttons are pushed so often, they are commonly the first to fail. Our service technicians can fix/replace any damaged switches on your cell phone.

Unlocking Service

If you are switching to another service provider, you may need your phone to be unlocked by your old service provider. Bring it to us before you change so that you won’t be stuck without service on your cell phone.

Water Damage

This is another widespread problem. Cell phones have a way of finding water. If you’ve dropped it in your soup, lake, tub, toilet or another body of water, bring it in.

Our Services

Here are just some of the services that we provide. If you need repairs that you don’t see on the list, call us or fill out the quote form and we will find a solution to your cell phone problem.